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From The Archives

With winter now behind us, it's time to examine the exterior of your home for any wear and tear and damage that has happened over the cold and rainy months. In general, it is better to spend a little time and money on maintenance than to spend a lot of time and money on a major repair. As with most inspections, it is always best to start at the top, and when it comes to your home that's the roof. If your roof is peaked, check to see whether the shingles are in good order, the mortar is still in good shape and all downspouts are clear. If you have a traditional flat roof, check to see if the roof is clear of debris and if there are any solar panels or boilers leaking onto it (this will inevitably cause a leak). 

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from the archives of The Jerusalem Post

How to Choose Your Contractor

When looking for a tradesman, whether it is a plumber, painter, or electrician – how do you really know if he (or she) is all up to par? One generally hires a tradesman to do the job that one either is not capable of or unwilling to do for one reason or another and for this you pay a premium. Assuming that you will be hiring a tradesman, how do you get the most for your money?

On the outside vinegar and wine may look alike, but there are a few small steps needed to separate a quality vintage from the vinegar. Most of which involve nothing more than a little common sense.

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Florida Jewish Home Newspaper

(R) 2017

Have you ever tried painting a light color over a dark color? It doesn’t matter if it is painting over oil paints or water–based paints. Professor Greenwald has the same problem in his classroom. “The previous teacher painted the walls rich blue and I prefer white, how can I cover the previous color in the simplest manner possible?” The easiest and the best way to cover a dark color is to use a primer/stain killer. The primer I have always is Zinnser’s Bulls Eye 123. It is available at all better Do It Yourself Stores. One coat over most any color of Bulls Eye primer and only minimal topcoats will be necessary. In the event that the surface is very glossy, it is recommended to sand first with coarse-grit sandpaper before applying the primer.

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