"Extremely pleased. Quality detailed work and pleasure to work with. Tidy and professional. Highly recommend!"

- Christine P. in Boca Raton, FL

"WOW It has been a long time since i found a contractor so amazing. the attention to detail was second to none. i wish everyone was a good as them. i hired them to paint the exterior of my home and they did a perfect Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Guys"

- Thomas M in Boca Raton

"Not only did Yosef and his assistant,  provide me with excellent painting, they also handled all the little home maintenance and improvement jobs that we needed doing. They installed a new light fixture where we never had one before, installed a new toilet, bathroom sink and cabinet. They even replaced previously painted over electric plates and worn door stoppers! We did not have to move any furniture to accommodate their painting. They moved everything for us and returned them back to where the furnishings, curtains, etc. were and when they finished, they even vacuumed! To say we were satisfied is by far an understatement! "

- A. L.

"Yosef and his crew took care of removing old wallpaper and mildew from the walls, patching and painting in a great design.  So many people think his RagRoll Finish is wallpaper!  The job was quick, professional, and even better - they cleaned up their mess!"

- BSK of Delray Beach

"I am really happy that I hired WallsRUs, they have done really amazing work. It's owner "Yosef" is really professional and sincere person and delivered what he promised."

- Deepak G of Toronto

"Yosef and RJ were a pleasure to have in our home. Their work was excellent and they left the place as clean as possible each day during the almost three week long project. Yosef provided valuable advice during our decision making process for the interior and exterior of our 80 year old Kingsway home. I won't hesitate to recommend them in the future to friends."

- Kenneth M of Etobicoke

"Yosef is absolutely professional in his approach, etiquette and attitude. He is extremely meticulous in his work and very willing to go the extra mile without asking. Being an individual with a very friendly disposition and a fine sense of humour, it was a delight interacting with him. And it was great work that he accomplished. Many workmen claim that you would have peace of mind once you hire them. May or may not be true. But in the case of Yosef, without making any such grandiose claims, he didn't make me more than peaceful. From now on , for me, if it painting it is Walls R Us "

- Shankar S of Misissauga

"Realy Joseph was professional in his work.starting on time at a stop watch. Clean and specific and efficient.and gave us good work.visitors to my house says the paints was perfect.i realy recommend his work to any one who want perfection "

- Amer K of Misissauga

"Our church name is Toronto Harvest Missionary Church. Our building size is 15,000 square feet. They did a great job. Very neat work, finish on time, well organized and professional work. I have no hesitation in recommending Walls R us Painting company for any related painting works. I am quite certain they will do a valuable work with a reasonable rate. "

- Pastor Rajuj of Harvest Missionary Church


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